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Cooler conditions

Eaves, gables, spars & ledgers

Finally, things have cooled down a little for our Master Thatchers.  After many sweltering weeks exposed to the elements up on our clients’ roofs, Team TW are gratefully enjoying more clement conditions in which to carry out their stripping, ridging and refurbishing .

The current job in hand is to sort out a lovely little cottage over near the New Forest requiring a re-ridge and refurbish to rejuvenate the thatch and increase the natural ventilation of the outer surface and with that the potential longevity of the existing roof.  The work will involve the total removal of the existing ridge and full clean of the all of the thatched elevation removing all debris leaving the thatch in an improved condition.

The new ridge will be built up on the whole cottage and porch using top quality combed wheat reed finishing off with a turnover patterned block ridge which will look stunning once completed.


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