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Finished product!

The finished product of our Water-Reed re-thatch on the Eel Hut, transforming this historic building into a river side eye catcher. Our amazing team of thatchers worked through rain and shine to complete this project, stripping away the old thatch to a firm under-layer and replacing with the best quality Water-Read.

Below you can see the progress of the re-thatching in progress. Layers of thatch are tightly fixed down by our skilled thatchers in Water-Reed. A ridge is then built up using Wheat-Reed.


Progress of Water-Reed re-thatch at the Eel Hut.

The fished Product!

Here you can see just how much a new thatch can transform a building. Look at the difference! It has taken a whole new shape with a beautiful new ridge. This new thatch will add years to the life of the Eel hut.


Before and after Water-Reed re-thatch

Before and after Water-Reed re-thatch

Finished Product

Finished side view of the Eel Hut

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